My 50 Liter Life


Sooner than soon, everything I own must fit inside a 50 liter backpack!

I’ve recently come across this concept of minimalism and instantly fell in love. I loved the idea of letting go of objects that do not add any value to my life. I also loved the concept of traveling with less; sometimes, less is more. Traveling as a minimalist has so many benefits; wherever I am, I will have everything I need, I don’t have to worry about checking in my bag at the airport, and packing takes little to no time at all! Becoming a minimalist has been an exhilarating and exciting experience! With little thought, I knew that lessening the amount of stuff I own would undoubtedly enhance my life and help me stay focused on what my true passions are; constant change and adventure!


Ahnu Montara Hiking Boots

However, this transition has forced me to come across a huge dilemma. Being a girl who loves shoes (and who owns about 20 pairs), my toughest challenge yet was de
ciphering between which pair of shoes to bring! The
one thing I knew was that I had to be realistic and practical. Since most of my days will consist of traveling by foot, I knew I needed a really good pair of hiking boots! Unfortunately, what I soon discovered was that the amount of options for women’s hiking boots were slim to none. I found this to be extremely frustrating, given the fact that there is an endless amount of options
for men’s hiking boots. ¬†Nonetheless, I continuously searched for the perfect fit and I couldn’t be more pleased with the Ahnu Montara boots I chose! These shoes are perfectly designed to fit snug against the curve of your foot, to protect you from water, and to enhance your stability on steep slopes. My feet are so excited to walk in these shoes on my backpacking journey through Southeast Asia in a few short months!

Stay tuned!



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