What we are up to! (Short Update)

Just over two months to go before we board our first plane for Jakarta, Indonesia, which is, subsequently, about 34 hours of travel time all together. The reality of this adventure hasn’t really set in for us yet, nonetheless, we are sooo excited!

But first things first!! On June 17th we are finally tying the knot! One good thing after the other right? Planning for it all has been quite hectic, but baby steps. Our apartment has been slowly losing its ‘fill’, which is actually like a weight lifting off our shoulders. Life gets simple when you realize how much stuff you don’t need to be happy!

The first couple months of our journey has a rough outline. From Indonesia we plan to take a quick hop over the Java Sea to Singapore, there we’ll try and couch surf for a night and then make our way halfway across Malaysia by train to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. After that we head to Northern Vietnam, and the months to follow are still as open and free as ever. Like all travel plans they are subject to time and change so remaining flexible will be KEY for us.

Our days are filled with work, planning, school, and prep but even though they are stressful times, they are happy times. Portland is a beautiful place, one that we are going to miss dearly, and remember fondly. The picture below is how we brought in the first beautiful day of Spring right in the heart of Portland.

Stay Tuned and Happy Days



Bringing in Spring the right way

2 thoughts on “What we are up to! (Short Update)

  1. Seeing you two in the next couple of months is always on our minds, and then looking forward to all your travels and stories along the way. We are all so exited.

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  2. I am so happy for you both.this reminds me of my trip to Africa .a lot of planning but a wonderful feeling. love you and always be curious…big hug


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