Adventure May be Dangerous, but Routine is Lethal.

“Adventure may be dangerous, but routine is lethal.”


The day I met Kevin, he planted an absurd idea into my head; travel the world with a backpack by any means possible. At first, I thought he was a crazy man with impossible dreams. Because when Kevin entered my life, I was dying for routine, long term friendships, and a place to call home. Something I felt my life was missing; stability. We met on very different spectrums, different home lives, and different lifestyles. Further on throughout our relationship, for the first time in my life, I eventually stumbled upon routine; my apartment, college lectures, work, repeat. Surprisingly, I quickly began hating routines. I needed more, something different. I was constantly thinking ‘this can’t be all there is to life’; eat, sleep, work, repeat. I discovered that Kevin wasn’t crazy and his dreams weren’t impossible. His absurd idea of traveling the world by any means possible became my dream too. There aren’t words to describe how thankful I am for Kevin’s craziness.

While living in Portland, my 9-5 job I couldn’t stand, sent me over the edge. I felt claustrophobic, and I know that some days, Kevin did too. I needed to change something but I wasn’t sure how or where to begin. Reminiscing on the days Kevin shared with me his dream, I searched the web for hours on end, determined to find a way to make it happen. Eventually, I found exactly what I was looking for; That evening, after Kevin returned from a long, hard day of work, I sat him down at our kitchen table and said “we need to talk”. With frightened eyes, he sat with hesitation. I opened my journal full of backpacking notes, and asked “what countries would you like to visit first?” Taking a breath of relief, he replied quickly, as though he already had the list permanently written in his mind. All while scribbling down his top countries of choice, I elaborated on volunteering the world through Exhilarated, we agreed that this was the best option for us to travel on a budget all while learning about local culture and lifestyles. For the next six months, we slaved away by working two jobs, connecting with volunteer hosts, and saving every penny we rightfully earned (yes, we had a piggy bank!).


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Just like you, I too thought that traveling involved owning a substantial amount of money, but what I discovered instead was relieving. Oftentimes, many people believe that vacationing is a synonym for traveling, but from my perspective, those two concepts are on different spectrums. To me, a vacation consists of spending all the money you specifically saved on whatever your heart desires for a short amount of time. It includes air conditioned hotels, tourist attractions and tours, and umbrella-ed cocktails. However, travel involves stretching every last penny you have to travel as long as you can. It consists of purchasing cheap local eats, backpacking, hitchhiking, or taking public transportation, learning native dialect, and living like a local.

Traveling has opened Kevin and I to a whole new perspective of life and simplicity. It has brought our happiness to skyrocketing levels and has opened our minds far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We turned our dreams into a plan by discovering how to make it work, by changing our priorities, and by working insanely hard. Kevin and I did it, and we know you can too!

Feel free to contact us on any additional information you need to succeed and make your dreams a reality!

-Love Always,


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