Owning Less = Living More

Preparing for travel can be rigorous and stressful. Huffing and puffing, locked in your room with a small suitcase and a very large closet, aggravated yet exhilarated. How can one possibly fit all of their “I just might wear this” outfits into a small 50 liter rucksack? The unanswered question I needed before Kevin and I left the states. Spending hours deciphering which eight outfits I would bring all while being practical yet pretty seemed quite impossible. Exhausted and irritated, I stuck with what I thought was best and chucked out the rest. The next morning, we boarded the flight with our luggage packed to the rim. In fact, I brought an additional carry on just to fit a little more extra stuff. Little did I know that owning less stuff results in a more fulfilling life.

This last month has changed my life in more ways than one. My favorite change thus far, is learning to live simply. Over time, I realized the benefits of minimalism, so getting rid of more stuff became easier by the day. Recently, I happily gave away five more outfits, leaving myself with my favorite three. Upon trashing more unnecessary things, my backpack now weighs approximately 10 pounds and my shoulders couldn’t thank me more. The more I got rid of, the more I felt free, happier, and lighter.


Lucky Temple, Langkawi, Malaysia

Living simple and owning less has given me so much more meaning to life. Through minimalism, I have a much better grasp of the concept “less is more” and believe in it wholeheartedly. I’ve witnessed first hand how satisfying a simple life is and have fallen in love with minimalism more and more everyday.  It allows me to focus on how I feel rather than how I look. It forces me to appreciate the things I do have and encourages me to spend money on memories rather than objects. It taught me that objects don’t add value to my life, people do! In the end, all I really need is food, shelter, and love!

After all, everything I own fits inside my rucksack, and even though my backpack is small, my life is big!

-♥ Anya

One thought on “Owning Less = Living More

  1. We love how you are sharing your experiences and travels with us Anya, and besides, who needs National Geographic when we have you two.


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