Steps We Are Taking

How we are doing it (and how you can too)!

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Dream – This step is by far the most important. First, you must thoroughly determine what your ultimate dream is. For instance, our dream was to become travelers rather than tourists. We wanted to live the lifestyle of others and witness their culture first hand. Now that we are fully aware of our dream, how do we make it come true?

Step 2: Accomplishing Your Dream is Just Around the Corner – Your dream will come true if you stop making excuses, have the right mindset, and are willing to work insanely hard! Our main focus during this planning process was to stay positive, even when our plans weren’t falling through. A positive mindset helps to bring more positivity into your life.

Step 3: Do Research – Chances are, others have already accomplished the same dream you have. Searching how these plans were conquered is just a few clicks away. Our first research project consisted of answering the question; “How?” How are we going to accomplish traveling the world without being wealthy? Well, after hours of reading travel books at the local bookstore, what we found was spectacular! We soon discovered that thousands of people have traveled the world with little money by doing something extremely rewarding; volunteering! This is where we found the website

Step 4: Start Planning – This step is the most labor intensive yet rewarding. First, you must determine a realistic amount of money you need. Second, you must decided how you will earn that particular amount of money. For instance, we did several things to ensure that this plan was set in stone. Our biggest decision yet, was to sell every single thing we own! Also, to earn extra cash, we took on another part time job! This idea quickly raised the amount in our bank accounts! Next, you must decided when. When will you start this journey? We decided to finish off the year strong and to begin our adventure in the summer time!