Mount St. Helens, Washington

We finally made it out to Mount St. Helens yesterday and were not disappointed in the slightest. On May 18th, 1980 an earthquake triggered an eruption here that devastated over 250 square miles of natural habitat. Today, the effects of the blast can still be clearly seen. Trees are scarce and animal life is few and far between. The snapped and upturned trunks of giant trees serve as a stark reminder of the violent eruption that took place here 37 years ago. It is such a unique landscape that is a must see if you are in the area.

Hiking around the base of the mountain almost felt like another planet. Between small patches of trees, shrubs and rocky outcroppings were these swamp like areas filled with water that look near black. And, as a plus, showing up right before the main areas of the park opened up meant that we virtually had the place to our selves. Couldn’t ask for a better day.


North Face of Mount St. Helens

What we are up to! (Short Update)

Just over two months to go before we board our first plane for Jakarta, Indonesia, which is, subsequently, about 34 hours of travel time all together. The reality of this adventure hasn’t really set in for us yet, nonetheless, we are sooo excited!

But first things first!! On June 17th we are finally tying the knot! One good thing after the other right? Planning for it all has been quite hectic, but baby steps. Our apartment has been slowly losing its ‘fill’, which is actually like a weight lifting off our shoulders. Life gets simple when you realize how much stuff you don’t need to be happy!

The first couple months of our journey has a rough outline. From Indonesia we plan to take a quick hop over the Java Sea to Singapore, there we’ll try and couch surf for a night and then make our way halfway across Malaysia by train to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. After that we head to Northern Vietnam, and the months to follow are still as open and free as ever. Like all travel plans they are subject to time and change so remaining flexible will be KEY for us.

Our days are filled with work, planning, school, and prep but even though they are stressful times, they are happy times. Portland is a beautiful place, one that we are going to miss dearly, and remember fondly. The picture below is how we brought in the first beautiful day of Spring right in the heart of Portland.

Stay Tuned and Happy Days



Bringing in Spring the right way

My 50 Liter Life


Sooner than soon, everything I own must fit inside a 50 liter backpack!

I’ve recently come across this concept of minimalism and instantly fell in love. I loved the idea of letting go of objects that do not add any value to my life. I also loved the concept of traveling with less; sometimes, less is more. Traveling as a minimalist has so many benefits; wherever I am, I will have everything I need, I don’t have to worry about checking in my bag at the airport, and packing takes little to no time at all! Becoming a minimalist has been an exhilarating and exciting experience! With little thought, I knew that lessening the amount of stuff I own would undoubtedly enhance my life and help me stay focused on what my true passions are; constant change and adventure!


Ahnu Montara Hiking Boots

However, this transition has forced me to come across a huge dilemma. Being a girl who loves shoes (and who owns about 20 pairs), my toughest challenge yet was de
ciphering between which pair of shoes to bring! The
one thing I knew was that I had to be realistic and practical. Since most of my days will consist of traveling by foot, I knew I needed a really good pair of hiking boots! Unfortunately, what I soon discovered was that the amount of options for women’s hiking boots were slim to none. I found this to be extremely frustrating, given the fact that there is an endless amount of options
for men’s hiking boots. ¬†Nonetheless, I continuously searched for the perfect fit and I couldn’t be more pleased with the Ahnu Montara boots I chose! These shoes are perfectly designed to fit snug against the curve of your foot, to protect you from water, and to enhance your stability on steep slopes. My feet are so excited to walk in these shoes on my backpacking journey through Southeast Asia in a few short months!

Stay tuned!



What to Expect: Chapter 1

Welcome to our Blog! In just over four months we (Sarah & Kevin) will be beginning our backpacking and volunteering trip through Asia. As we take you along our journey we will share with you photos, friendships, lessons of life, projects and most importantly, our connection to others.

Since we have some time before our departure, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the prepping that goes into an endeavor such as this. We will be giving hands on reviews of the gear we are using, as well as travel tips that we come across. Additionally, we will be sharing our adventures here in Oregon until we take off! So keep an eye out!

We both humbly thank you for being a part of our adventure.